If you will be continuing to operate your craft business whilst the pandemic runs its course, these are the actions you should take to safely run this enterprise.

Buy isopropyl alcohol 100 and use it to disinfect your craft station and materials

Prior to this global outbreak, you may not have given a great deal of thought to your craft station and materials' level of cleanliness (other than to ensure that these surfaces and items were never visibly dirty). This is something that you will definitely need to pay more attention to during this period. Specifically, you will need to buy isopropyl alcohol 100 and get into the habit of using this to disinfect the table or desk on which you make your crafts, as well as on all of the crafting materials on which this disinfectant can be safely used.

You should apply the alcohol (in its pure or diluted form, depending on how fragile the item you need to disinfect is) to your workspace before you begin to make a new product on this surface and should reapply this fluid anytime you sneeze or cough in the vicinity of this area. You should do the latter, even if you're wearing a mask when the sneezing or coughing fit occurs, as some respiratory droplets containing pathogens could still potentially escape from the gaps between the mask and your face, and land on your work station).

Include an individually-packaged disinfectant wipe with every order

You should also stock up on individually-wrapped disinfectant wipes and pop one of them into every package you send to a customer. There are two reasons why you should include this free item with each order. Firstly, no matter how diligently you disinfect your materials and crafting station, you could still miss a tiny spot on which there happen to be some pathogens. As such, there is a small chance that the packages your customers receive could be tainted with the virus. If however, you give your customers a wipe that will allow them to immediately disinfect their new product as soon as they receive it, their risk of getting ill will be lower.

Secondly, including this disinfectant wipe will demonstrate to your customers that you care about their wellbeing and are, as a result of this, placing a stronger emphasis on sanitation at a time when it is extremely important to do so. This should make them feel safer about ordering your handcrafted items. 

For more information on isopropyl alcohol 100, reach out to a supplier.