While most beginners prefer to use metallic or silicone moulds to make their candles, jars are probably the best containers to start with. Candle jars are easy to use since they eliminate potential mistakes common with the use of moulds. For instance, most people remove candles from moulds prematurely, increasing the risk of cracking. With jars, candles remain inside; hence, you can leave the wax to cool and set for as long as you want. However, you must first choose suitable candle jars for your candle-making project. Here are essential tips. 

Flat and Broad Base

While it is understandable to choose candle containers based on your style or home décor, safety is paramount. The last thing you want is a candle container that can easily topple over and cause a fire in your home. Thus, the first thing you must prioritise before container aesthetics is stability. Candle jars with a flat base are the safest option since they are less likely to tip over at the slightest push. Besides being flat, the base should also be broad enough to prevent the likelihood of tipping over when pushed accidentally.

Broad Opening

A candle jar with a narrow opening and broad body might seem like an attractive choice due to its unique shape. However, the container is not ideal for a candle-making project because the wick will not burn properly. As candlewicks burn, the heat melts the wax and forms a pool on the surface. Therefore, if you use a container with a narrow opening, the wax at the top will be exposed to more heat, leading to candle tunnelling. Hence, you will not get the most out of your candles. A jar with a broad opening eliminates the chances of candle tunnelling because most of the wax is a safe distance from the burning candlewick.

Heat Resistant

Imagine picking a candle jar from the stool on your deck only to fumble and drop it on a wooden floor. Such instances are dangerous since they can easily lead to a fire. However, it can happen if you use candle containers that cannot withstand extreme heat. Glass jars are perhaps the best option since they have excellent heat resistance. That said, glass jars with a thick body can withstand high temperatures better than thin glass containers. Additionally, thick glass candle jars are studier and unlikely to crack when dropped to the ground. However, although thick, heat-resistant glass jars are an excellent choice, ensure they are light enough since candle wax adds weight to the container. Most importantly, a suitable heat-resistant glass jar should be sturdy enough to prevent cracking but light enough to carry around.

To learn more about candle containers, reach out to companies that sell candle-making supplies.