Making your own candles means being able to customize everything from colours to aromas, but many people fail to consider the wick. It's one of the most important parts of a candle since it is what draws wax up towards the flame, and the type of wick you choose will have an impact on how your candles perform.

You'll find there are plenty of options, and one increasingly popular material is hemp. These wicks are made by braiding hemp fibres into twine which is then coated in beeswax, and they offer several compelling benefits.

Here are just four reasons why you should think about using hemp wicks for your homemade candles.

1. Eco-Friendly

One great thing about making your own candles is that you have the freedom to keep things eco-friendly, and hemp wicks are great in that regard. This is a completely natural resource that can be sustainably grown and harvested without the heavy use of chemicals or pesticides. 100% organic hemp is completely non-toxic and biodegradable, as is the beeswax used to coat it. As such, hemp wicks are a natural choice for those wanting to keep things eco-friendly.

2. Hot and Even Burn

Hemp wicks burn very easily and give off a relatively high level of heat. Since they burn so easily, your candle will burn at a very even and reliable pace. In addition to that even burn, the heat provided by a hemp wick helps ensure all the surrounding wax is melted. If this doesn't happen, you risk something known as 'wax tunnelling', where wax burns down in the centre of a candle but remains solid around the edges.

3. Slow Burning

The fact that hemp wicks burn relatively hot might lead you to assume that they don't last very long. However, the opposite is true. Hemp wicks burn quite slowly thanks to their natural properties and the beeswax that is used to coat them. That means each of your candles will last a surprisingly long time, which saves you the added expense and effort of making more in the future.

4. Clean Burning

One thing you'll learn when you start making your own candles is that certain waxes and wicks will burn cleaner than others. This means they give off relatively little smoke and soot, which is good for your home's air quality and prevents discoloration of walls and furniture. Since hemp wicks are natural and non-toxic, they burn extremely cleanly.

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